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EIG is a professional mattress manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs. BellaRest Mattress, as one of the most competitive products of EIG group, its sales volume, market share and brand recognition is continuing to expanding. EIG has set up two overseas branch offices in Korea and Australia, which better shows EIG's world leading ideas to bring better sleep to customers.

In order to pursue our goals of expanding further in the international mattress market, EIG is looking for more qualified partners to share the passion of BellaRest. EIG provides opportunity for anyone or any company that means engaging in an meaningful and prosperous business. Join BellaRest and start a new exciting carrier now!


BellaRest Spring Mattress Advantage memory foam mattress
  • China mattress manufacturer with 40-year history
  • Famous brands, BellaRest and Suibao
  • Top accessory accessories supplies;
  • Multiple fillings;
  • Mattresses designed for All Ages. We have mattress for Children (0-12), Teenagers (13-17), Adults (18-40), Mid-aged Adults (41-65), Senior Adults (over 65)
  • International Standard and certificates.

Your spring mattress is warranted against manufacturing defects in workmanship and material. If you observe a defect, contact the retailer from which you purchased the set. You must, within the duration of the mattress warranty, provide proof of purchase (including date of purchase) and be the original purchasing consumer.

If there is a defect in workmanship or material, your Bonnell spring mattress and foundation will be repaired or replaced (at our option) with charges as shown on the BellaRest warranty schedule, exclusive of transportation and inspection costs.
All other claims including incidental or consequential damages are precluded.



As an experienced bed mattress supplier, EIG has a powerful R&D team which is dedicated to provide right mattress, to improve the quality of your sleep, and thus to improve the quality of your life.

3S Information

Our unique informative 3S InfoBase (Spine Health, Sleep Problems, and Healthier Sleep Habits) is the fundamental source for the development of all pocket spring mattress. Based on the research, we develop and offer a just-right mattress to suit the needs of your changing body, and every AGE in your family...spring mattresses R&D

3S Information

spring mattresses SDML system

Based on the research of 3S, we have developed our unique consumer-tailored system SDML, Specially Designed and Manufactured for Local, which allowed us to carry our promise to the global market, and enabled us to reach every family in the local.

We have now extended this promise to users in New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and China.

Under SDML system, our development teams work closely with local sleep science and spinal healthy experts and market researchers, to carefully develop series of spring mattresses. 

About Us

Spring Mattresses Manufacturer

Guangzhou Eurasia Mattresses And Furniture Co., Ltd., founded in 1969, is famous as the first spring mattress producer in China. With more than 40 years' development, Eurasia has owned 1,300 franchising stores in 31 provinces in China. Its sales volume has been NO.1 for ten continuous years in China and Eurasia is awarded one of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands".

Eurasia commits itself in researching for the most advanced and innovative technologies being used in bed mattresses and cooperates closely with a number of strategic partners such as the world largest spring provider - Leggett & Platt, sanitized and qualified ticking provider - Bekaert Textiles of Belgium and Tyvek breathable and waterproof fabric supplier - Du Pont, etc.